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Jesutoni Aderibigbe
8 min readDec 30, 2022


In just a year, I got a senior developer role

I started earning $100,000 per month

I also worked for Google…..

How was I able to do it?

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void main(){
print("hello world");

Hey there!

Flutter is an open-source UI software development kit created by Google; launched in 2017. It serves as a framework to develop cross-platform applications for Android, IOS, Linux, macOS, and Windows from a single codebase. Flutter is not a programming language but rather a framework on which a programming language is written. Flutter is compiled with and on the Dart Programming Langauge.

What exactly is the Dart Language?

I also asked this same question when I was about to learn cross-platform development. From secondary school, I was only aware of HTML, Javascript, and python.

Before you call me a boss

I had little knowledge about them. I never knew what they were or what they did.


Dart is an object-oriented language developed by Google which is designed for client development such as web and mobile apps. It can compile either machine code or javascript. Dart language was released in 2011 but came into popularity after 2015 with Dart 2.0. In simpler words, Dart language is basically like C, Java, and Javascript language but can be written for web and mobile apps. As of February 3, 2022, the newest release for Dart is Dart 2.16.

What led me to Coding?

I recall having some HTML classes in junior school. I marveled at what I could build by just writing some scripts on Notepad++ and seeing the results. I also took some C++ theoretical classes in senior school. I can’t recall having a practical class.


I have to state that I am a DC Universe fan, The Flash series acted by Grant Gustin in particular. I was very amazed to see Cisco on the computer writing different codes and seeing the results too. I loved the black view on their computers while they punched certain characters on the screen. It was simply amazing. So I made up my mind to write codes like Cisco. I didn’t even know great men in Tech like Steve Jobs, Mark Zukerberg, Jack Patrick Dorsey, and Bill Gates.

The desire was cut off when I realized the cost of learning. I never knew about self-learning, tutorials, and Youtube Videos. All in my mind was to code; the act and methods of how to code were not understood. So I left the desire for a while to learn another skill.

In early 2022, I never envisioned that my dream to change the world with tech was going to come true. If anybody had told me that I would be a mobile engineer at the end of the year, I would have disputed it.

It all started with the Strike………

Every Federal Schooled Nigerian Student is aware of the word “Strike”.



To those who are not aware of the word. Please don’t google search for it. You won’t find out what it means.

The strike in this context is a Nigerian Word that is used for the delay of students which is caused by disputes between the teaching association and the government about unpaid salaries. It can last for 4 weeks, 8 weeks, or 24 weeks. It tarries…….

Oh! Yes. Before I forget 😜

The word “weeks” was used mildly. It should have been read as months.


While the strike prolonged, My Dad, Barrister Adetunji Aderibigbe, spoke to me in response to an article he read about a person who started coding at a very young age. I decided to make enquires.

After my inquiries, I was left with these options;

  • Back-End Web Development
  • Front-End Web Development
  • Full Stack Development
  • Android Development
  • IOS Mobile Development
  • Cross Platform Development

I decided to learn Cross-Platform Development

What is Cross-Platform Development?

I got a perfect description from describing it as an approach that allows developers to build a mobile solution that is simultaneously compatible with several operating systems and platforms (Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, Linux).

In order words, a cross-platform developer can write codes for all operating systems. Instead of using Kotlin and Jetpack Compose for Android App Development or Swift for IOS app development, a cross-platform developer can work as a Linux developer, ios developer, web developer, or android developer using a single codebase.


So I started learning to code…

I was introduced to Dart Language(Watch out for my next blog post, I would write all of my experiences). I now found Visual Code, a source code editor, or an environment where I could write all my code on. I also learned about Flutter.

Learning Flutter was simply amazing because I could recreate UI designs into fully functioning apps. All I needed to do was to use phone tethering with my laptop and run my codes on my phone.

But this was not all……………

I was already elated seeing I could recreate screens. I never knew about logic implementation, validation, routes, endpoints, servers, State Management, APIs, Scalability, and relational and non-relational databases until I took a backend class for mobile engineering.

This I saw, was the whole mobile world itself. I started by learning javascript. I moved to write Node Js codes. I moved to work on the Express Js environment, creating servers, REST APIS, creating routes, managing databases for users and admin, push notifications, email verification, fingerprint authentication, OTP access, and working on API keys among many more. It looked very frustrating at the start but very exciting as I continued.

I also learned practically everything about Firebase; Firebase Authentication, Cloud Firestore, Firebase Storage, Firebase Messaging, Firebase Push Notifications, and Scaling your app on Firebase. In other words, I learned for several weeks about Firebase(an online server) communicating with your local device.

I recall at the end of one of my classes, I was preparing to leave when one of my instructors, Mr.Olamide Atitebi, asked me if I had a GitHub account. I never had an idea of what it was. Upon hearing this, He put me through how to create an account, push my projects to my repositories, and participate in open-source projects by pulling and cloning other repositories.

I learned how to work with the cloud to host my local server.

I had a project where I worked with other amazing cross-platform developers; Umar, Mr.Titus, Mayor, and Quavo. I worked as the backend engineer of the team.

I never imagined that there were still many more things about Tech than writing personal codes such as contributing to open-source projects, connecting with other Tech guys, and many more.

I saw a feed on my Youtube about Google Developers Students Club for my University Chapter. I decided to watch the video and I was excited about what young people were doing in Tech. I was amazed at Michael Mekuleyi, a graduate of my university, speech. I made up my mind that I was going to meet with him and ask him for Tech advice.

I watched practically all the videos on the club’s page. It was from that video, I saw someone who also is a Flutter Developer, Damilola Alimi. I was excited so I checked out her name on LinkedIn; sent her a request and was glad she accepted it. I look up to her in mobile development, as a mentor.

It was from the video I heard about devFest. I researched it and booked my ticket for the conference. It was devFest that I met with Damilola Alimi physically for the first time after several interactions on LinkdeIn.

(At devFest ‘22). I took the picture during one of the session breaks.

Amazing Tech Personalities….

I eventually met with Michael Mekuleyi,

Damilola Alimi,

Valentine Ifedayo,

Giwa Yusuf,

Eniola Bakare(I stalked her on LinkedIn 😆 😆),

Emmanuel Omatozaye Aiyede(The Team Lead of the Google Developers Student Club, my university chapter)

I met many more amazing personalities who were either AI/ML Engineers, Full Stack Developers, Project Managers, or UI/UX designers….

Who am I grateful for in 2022?

My Parents Barrister, and Dr. Aderibigbe, for supporting my quest for coding.

Mr. Hammed, My Instructor for teaching me to see coding as means of problem-solving not just merely typing on my laptop

Mr.Tayo, My Boss in Flutter. Thank you for teaching me how to write my first Dart code, and how to use Flutter, and for every back-end assistance and help.

Mr.Olamide Atitebi, My Node JS instructor, for being so accommodating, and for opening my eyes to Javascript, GitHub, Heroku, Linux Distribution, Octoberfest, my job interviews, Google Developer Clubs, and Microsoft Community.

Alusoft Technologies Limited, for ensuring we developed a love for Tech.

Me to you…..

The Tech world is a big world. You could be a Front-end developer, Back-end developer, Full Stack Developer, AI/ML Engineer, UI/UX designer, Technical Writer, Tech-evangelist, Data Scientist, Mobile Engineer, Product Manager, Software Tester, Blockchain Developer, Quality Assurance Technician, and so on. You can be anything you choose to be, all you need is to be like me and be curious. It is never too early or too late to start.

You might not be into Tech like I am. You could be in other fields. This new year is a time to go back to your drawing board and draft your strengths and weaknesses in any field of your choice and see how you can get better.

I might not be a popular software engineer yet or earn what I desire but I won’t stop writing code till I am happy. I don’t know what 2023 holds but I know what I would do in the new year which is “To write codes more, volunteer in more tech communities, contribute to more open source projects, meet amazing personalities like Gift Egwuenu, John Oseni, Adora Nwodo, and possibly be an AI/ML Engineer’’


“what if all I wrote at my opening were all my aspirations for the next few years”


I might not be a popular software engineer yet or earn what I desire but I won’t stop writing code till I am happy. I don’t know what 2023 holds but I know what I would do in the new year which is “To write codes more, volunteer in more tech communities, contribute to more open source projects, meet amazing personalities like Gift Egwuenu, John Oseni, Adora Nwodo, and possibly be an AI/ML Engineer’’

My name is Aderibigbe Jesutoni. You can call me Jesutoni. I am a Nigerian Student. I am a flutter developer and back-end engineer; an aspiring Google Software Engineer.

You can check me out on Linkedin; Jesutoni Aderibigbe.

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Have a lovely year 2023!