My Flutter Package Toolkits

Jesutoni Aderibigbe
2 min readAug 20, 2023

Not to brag, but Flutter has one of the best ecosystems when it comes to open-source contributions. Amazingly, Flutter itself is an open-source toolkit. This means that thousands of developers around the world have made and are still making contributions to the framework. This will also include its packages and plugins.

Packages are collections of codes and resources that are used in your Flutter application without having to write the entire codebase again.

To install a package. Run

flutter pub add <the name of the package>


You can also use the Pubspec Assist extension to add your packages.

My Flutter Package Toolkits

I will be sharing the top 7 packages that I use in whatever application I am building; either personally or for clients.

  1. flutter_svg: This package helps you to easily render SVG(Scalable Vector Graphics) images in your flutter application.
  2. image_picker: This package helps you to allow the user to take pictures, and select images on your local storage amongst others.
  3. dio: With this package, you can make HTTP requests. It is a convenient way to interact with APIs and handle network requests
  4. url_launcher: It enables you to open URLs in the device’s default browser or external apps.
  5. firebase_core and other firebase packages: I will be doing great harm if I don’t talk about my babies.
  6. flutter_bloc: It is an extension of the BLoC pattern, providing tools for managing application state and handling complex UI interactions.
  7. google_fonts: The package allows you to use Google fonts directly in your application.

This list is not exhaustive nor did I list them in the level of priority. Hopefully, I write other packages I use soon.

What packages do you use? Please leave them in the comment section.